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Cronology of IPICYT's conflict against Professors Terrones

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December 2005:

June 2006

June 2008

July 2008

December 2009

  • In December 3, a Comision (formed, among others, by Dr. Miguel A Vidal) ordered to evacuate the "Thermal Treatment" and "Mesoporous Materials" labs (in 5 days) (used by the Terrones group).
  • Letter of José Luis Rodríguez, Román Sandoval y Haret Rosu to several members of the scientific community of Mexico (personal communication, December 18, 2009)
  • All personal, publications, research projects and other information of the Terrones group was removed from IPICYT's webpage (December 18) withour previous notice.
  • In December 21, Dr. Humberto Terrones was prohibited to access IPICYT's facilities as "he was not longer a worker there". Patricia Hidalgo supervised those actions.

January 2010

  • Dr. Mauricio Terrones tried to enter to IPICYT in January 6, but was prohibited as "he was not longer a worker there".
  • That same day, a general email was sent to IPICYT announcing the firing of professors Terrones, without any further information on the reasons. Their offices were sealed, and their names removed from ther former labs.
  • A public protest letter was sent by several IPICYT's graduate students denouncing the irregular firing of Drs. Terrones and their worries about their academic and research future there.
  • In January 7, the students were received by the IPICYT administration (Rios, Bonilla and Vidal), but no information on the reasons for the firing where commented; they were unpleased with the public protest letter of the students, and were asked to stop their dissemination. In that meeting, it was cited as a cause of the firing the innecesary evacuation of furnishing from the research labs, which were previously ordered to evacuate (sic).
  • In January 8, the students recieved an statement from the direction about than the "Thermal Treatment" lab will be relocated again in their former site; because the Comission that ordered the evacuation and relocation didn't know about the need of special electrical installations, which already exists at the former place.
  • In January 20, the graduate students send a second letter on the irregularities that caused the firing of the Terrones and the stress put on the colleagues of the Nanosciences group.

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