domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

Carbon Nanotubes

One of the largest sources of research and publications in the nanotecologia morecarbon nanotubes are carbon. Now, graphene has gained strength and number ofpublications is growing, unlike fullerenso their research and number of publicationsseems to increase or disminuis over time.

Carbon nanotubes, similar to small graphite coiled sheets with nanometric diameters and lengths about microns, constitute a unique material with exceptional mechanical, electrical, optical, thermal and chemical properties which make them suitable to improve numerous already existing products and to even generate other new ones. Many are the applications that can take advantage of the properties of carbon nanotubes. Composite materials reinforced with nanotubes, flat screens that use the nanotubes as field emitters, biological and chemical sensors used to detect polluting substances, drug administration or fuel cells are only some of them. In general, sectors like electronics, materials, sensors, biotechnology, chemistry, energy, mechanics, scientific instrumentation and photonics could get many advantages from the introduction of carbon nanotubes in many of their products.

The market of carbon nanotube applications is still very incipient. Only composite materials reinforced with nanotubes appear in sport accessories like tennis rackets or bicycles. Electronic applications are very promising since carbon nanotubes will allow them to continue with the progressive miniaturization typical of this area which is at present threatened by the physical limits of operation of silicon, near to be reached. Nevertheless there are only electronic prototypes that incorporate carbon nanotubes, there are no commercial products due to the lack of suitable industrial processes for their elaboration. The other technologies that incorporate carbon nanotubes show different degrees of maturity in their access to the market, but they are not commercialized yet. Carbon nanotubes appear like an interesting alternative for the manufacturers of multiple products who are interested in innovating, since they promise to produce incredible benefits and to revolutionize the market when they burst into it.

fuente:Cabezas, A., Xianjie, L., Qiang, C., Shi-Li, Z., Li-Rong, Z., & Zhi-Bin, Z. (2012). Influence of Carbon Nanotubes on Thermal Stability of Water-Dispersible Nanofibrillar Polyaniline/Nanotube Composite. Materials (1996-1944)5(2), 327-335. doi:10.3390/ma5020327

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