lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

Exploring New Energy Alternative

Renewable energies are one of several applications of nanotechnology that grows very fast. David LePoire analyzes trends in renewable energies in his work "Exploring New Energy Alternative" and explains some areas in which nanotechnology is very useful. He says:

"Nanotechnology offers a tool that could help create designs that convert energy more efficiently. For example, nano-scale antennas could be built to capture infrared light from the Sun -- light that we cannot directly see but we do experience as heat. A solar cell that could extract this infrared energy would be able to provide energy both day and night (although not as much at night). "

But that's not all, leploire further explains that nanotechnology might be useful for implementation in nuclear fission.
"Nanotech could also improve energy-conversion efficiency of fission technology by allowing particles of uranium atoms to be converted to electricity before they collide and generate heat. This might be achieved by integrating the fuel and electricity extraction zones at the nano scale. When charged particles hit gas in the small pores, they strip the gas of electrons. The separation of charges then generates a voltage difference. This work is being pursued by a former Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist."

More than a report of the results this report seems more a window into the possibilities. And the possibilities offer a door to problems not yet exist.

See the original work on:
LePoire, D. J. (2011). Exploring New Energy Alternative. Futurist, 45(5), 34-38.

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