sábado, 18 de agosto de 2007

Nanotechnology takes off!

Well, this is an interesting video, really good, it starts explaining what a nanometer is, the fisrt person (jeffray grossman) we see in the video explains that in a good way, easy to understand,first we can compare a nanometer with a hair, well, thats not a nanometer, a nanometer could be one hundred thousand times thinner than that.
In that video they say that nanotechnolgy is going to play an important role in the future, it can change the lifestyle of people, they mention 3 experiments usable in life:
1.- the fact that we can produce new computer chips very fast.
2.-we can build new devices that repair blocked arteries
3.- new filters to clean water pollution

The narrator says an important fact in the nano-scale behaviour, she said "another factor that shapes nanoscale behaviour is the relationship between volume and surface area"

"the more surface you have, the more reactions you can carry on on that surface" this is a good sentence that may help in some experiments like the one he said, this could be good for filtering water. its a sentence that we have to think very carefully about it.
Now, the most interesting part of the video ( for me ) starts in the 5th minute of the video, the professor says that the most amazing nanotechnology devices are in the nature, we can see machines on a nano scale built in some living beings. We can find motors, rotors and things that help in the process of making proteins and things like that.
Another interesting experiment is being processed in the Berkeley national labs. which consists in how to create a plastic solar cell, interesting hum???
Enjoy the rest of the video!!

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NanoBlogger dijo...

Excellent video! I watched carefully, as Paul Alivasatos is the actual editor of one of the leading journals in Nanotechnology.