jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012

$200,000 Grant From AT&T for Developing Implantable Intravascular Biosensor

In order to give a push to nanotechnology, AT&T Foundation has given a grant of $200,000 for supporting The University of Texas Health Science Center’s Janey Briscoe Center of Excellence in Cardiovascular Research in order to develop a new medical device. The fund would be utilized for developing an implantable intravascular biosensor that would help in monitoring heath and disease progression in humans. The function of the nano-sized pressure sensor would be to monitor pressure within the cardiovascular system and blood flow whereas the information would be transmitted to a data collection module worn by the patient, most probably a wristwatch device. The external device would then be transmitting the data to a central remote monitoring station where it could be viewed in a real time by health care providers and offer an insight into potential irregularities in the heart. This is what John T. Montford, Senior V.P, AT&T Helping to decrease healthcare costs is an important aspect of AT&T’s future, and we are happy to support a technology that has the potential to benefit the many Americans who are affected by this terrible disease every year.

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