lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Iran Stands Atop Muslim States in Nanotechnology

An Iranian official, Nasrin Soltankhah, the Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology, said Iran is the leading Muslim country in the field of nanotechnology. "We rank first in the production of nanotechnology and nanoscience in the region and the Muslim world and we have gained the 14th standing among the world countries," she said, adding that Iran is one of among only three world countries that have compiled a National Nanotechnology Plan. Iran was considered to be 60th in the field of nanotechnology in 2000, and 6th among Islamic nations, but the country made great progress over the last decade to become a leading world country in nanotechnology. The Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) is the main center for the development of nanotechnology in Iran, with an overall goal of making money and producing wealth through this emerging science. Saeed Sarkar, the head of INIC, said, in the future, Iran should enjoy "…a 2% share in that market. At present we have 20 active and 50 newly-established companies working in the field of nanotechnology in Iran."

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