lunes, 6 de noviembre de 2006

Just a small thought

Looking at some information I found out this thought about Biomimetics. It's really interesting from different points of view:

"Benefits from the study of biomimetics can be seen in many applications, including stronger fiber, multifunctional materials, improved drugs, superior robots, and many others. Another aspect of biomimetics is to recognize the importance of protecting species from extinction, lest we lose Nature’s solutions that managed to survive, but that we have not yet studied or still don’t understand. Nature offers a model for us as humans in our efforts to address our needs. We can learn manufacturing techniques from animals and plants such as the use of sunlight and simple compounds to produce with no prolusion, biodegradable fibers, ceramics, plastics, and various chemicals. Nature has already provided a model for many human-made devices, processes and mechanisms. One can envision the emergence of extremely strong fibers that are woven as the spider does, and ceramics that are shatterproof emulating the pearl. Besides providing models, nature can serve as a guide to determine the appropriateness of our innovations in terms of durability, performance, and compatibility."
- Yoseph Bar-Cohen - Jet Propulsion Lab - California Institute of Technology, USA

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