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3D printer with nanoscale precision

3D-printer with nanoscale precision
By Itza Montforte Noguez, Web writer

By using a new technology calles "two-photon lithography" Now it is possible to print three dimensional objects with incredibly fine details.
This technology allows the fabrication of tiny structures on a nanomether scale. This new technology also improves the speed on the process opening new areas of application.

The 3D printer uses a liquid resin hardened at precise spots with a laser beam. The focal point is guided through the resin by moveble mirrors. The speed on this technique increased from a few millimeters per second to five meters per second. A new world record to this technique.

At he University of Technology Vienna (where this technique was developed) scientists are now developing bio-compatible resins for medical applications. They can be used to create scaffolds to which living cells can attach themselves facilitating the creation of biological tissue.
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