martes, 3 de abril de 2012

Renewable Hydrogen through Nanotechnology

HyperSolar Discloses Development Plan for Breakthrough Nanotechnology Renewable Hydrogen and Natural Gas Technology
By Itza Arantxa Montforte, Web Writer

HyperSolar, Inc. An industry witch goal is to produce renewable hydrogen and natural gas technology using natural elements announced on March 12 specific details for the development od the world's first nanotechnology-bases, zero carbon process for the production of renewable hydrogen and natural gas.

HyperSolar is using a low cost nanotecnology approach. Ther engineered a specific kinetic on a reaction toward H2 generation with the help of wastewater that produces clean water and pure hydrogen in presence of sunligth without any other energy source being required. 
This approach is far more economic that latest approaches made that involved obtaining H2 from H2O, plus, this reaction contributes to the zero-carbon production. A new path to renewable hydrogen. 

Find more information on this work by HyperSolar here:

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