domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Diamond's Quantum computer

Quantum computer built inside a diamond
By Itza Montforte Noguez, web writer
Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images
A team of scientists from de USC, along with other scientists, have built the first quantum computer with protection against "decoherence" (noise that prevents the computer from functioning correctly) and it has been built in a diamond.
This demostration included two quantum bits called qubits, made of subatomic particles alongside with the demostration of the viability of solid-state quantum computers as they can be easily scaled up in size. Typical quantum computers where made uo from gas and liquid state systems.

As for the qubits, que qubits can encode one and zero at the same time, unlike the bits that can either encode a one or a zero. This behaviour will allow quantum computers to perform optimization calculations much faster than traditional computers.

About the diamond, the scientists used the impurities on the diamond as qubits  and microwave pulses to continually switch the direction of the electron spin rotation, proving that their diamond-encases system does operate in a quantum fashin by seeing how closely it matched "Groover's algorithm".

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