miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Graphene-based nanotechnology in energy applications

Since the search energy has caused the rapid decay on our homeworld, it is only natural that we look for an alternative. The idea is to find a cheap, profitable and non-contaminating energy source. Graphene proves to be a material that could solve our energy based problems. Here are some examples: 

Solar energy

The reviewers point out that graphene has great potential to be used for low-cost, flexible, and highly efficient photovoltaic devices due to its excellent electron-transport properties and extremely high carrier mobility. "Recently, several graphene-based solar cells have been reported, in which graphene serves as different parts of the cell. One of the reasons for the current interest in graphene is the great potential for transparent and conductive electrodes in solar cells. Graphene is an ideal 2D material which can be assembled into film electrodes with good transparency, high conductivity, and low roughness."


The authors note that "in contrast to the conventional high-surface-area materials, the effective surface area of graphene materials as capacitor electrodes does not depend on the distribution of pores in a solid state, which is different from the current supercapacitors fabricated with activated carbons and carbon nanotubes...with less agglomeration, should be expected to exhibit a higher effective surface area and thus better supercapacitor performance

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