domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Nanotecnologia en ...biomasa.. de pescado.. diak!

Economic and environmental balance of the fish looked. The fishing activities and to firm or industry is concerned. The natural growth rate of biomass power and creativity depends on size and scope of the firm. If the growth rates of fish using natural biological and nano-technology is more and this situation persists for a long time, fish populations are faced with extinction. 

 Hence in order to achieve this balance, the environmental sustainability of biomass was investigated. Sustainable fisheries and technical functions and features of the natural and biological function depends on growth. Technical function as a multiplier of the product of fishing effort alive in mass and growth rate assumed by the logistic function to show the balance of economic and environmental sustainability of our investigation. Through balancing the relationship between behavior and the amount of fishing effort using nanotechnology, and we determine the average yield and efficiency in the end we get caught. The average rate of return than the amount of fishing effort and efficiency derived from the behavior of the final amount of fishing effort than is available. 

Even, the UK, is in this topic and organiced a full conference of this, "And, it looks at policy and topics as varied as the grid (including a session on intermittency); sustainable transport; energy storage (with a second session on the topic specifically looking at nanotechnology); renewable energy growth in China and the Far East; sessions for the farming community, and for communities/co-operatives with – or planning – renewable assets; islands and ‘energy islands’; industry perspectives on financing; frameworks for support – and tapping into Europe; Scotland’s new power landscape; public perception"

Balance Economic, Environmental and Renewable Biomass Using Nanotechnology. (2011). Journal of Applied Sciences Research7(11), 474-479.

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