lunes, 16 de abril de 2012



The latest installment in DNA nanotechnology has arrived: A molecular nanorobot dubbed a "spider." Click to enlarge this image.
Paul Michelotti

  • A molecular robot made of DNA has been created by scientists.
  • The nanobot walks like a spider and follows a track made out of stitched-together strands of DNA.
  • In a separate study, another research team had enabled a nano-scale "assembly line."

Scientists on Wednesday announced they had created a molecular robot made out of DNA that walks like a spider along a track made out of the chemical code for life.

The achievement, reported in the British journal Nature, is a further step in nanoscale experiments that, one day, may lead to robot armies to clean arteries and fix damaged tissues.

The robot is just four nanometers -- four billionths of a meter -- in diameter.

Milan Stojanovic of New York's Columbia University, who led the venture, likens the nanobot to "a four-legged spider."

The beast moves along a track comprising stitched-together strands of DNA that is essentially a pre-programmed course, in the same way that industrial robo move along an assembly line.

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