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Interview with: Daniel Máynez Navarro

This is the first interview you'll see. Remember it's objective is to enhance relationships. Interviewed at: The Library.

· Name: Oscar Daniel Máynez Navarro.
· Nickname: Máynez.
· Age: 19 years.
· Birthday: July 6.
· Hometown: Puebla, Puebla.
· Graduated from: Instituto D’ámicis. (Puebla, Puebla)
· Why you chose Nanotechnology?
Because I’m very interesting in science, such as chemistry and physics. I wanted to study both of them at the same time, but I couldn’t, so I heard there is a career that combines them with math, and I decided to study it.

· What did you want to study before now?
One of these: Chemistry, physics, mathematics, medicine, architecture, gastronomy, philosophy, mecatronics or tourism.

· Did you already know where?
Yes. Universidad Anahuac.

· What do you professionally expect when you finish your career?
Have learned the necessary to give something to the world. Our job is very hard.

· Do you know which study and work field you prefer?
Yes. The Chemistry area.

· Which are your hobbies?
Videogames, watch TV, talk with my friends and hangout with them, meet new people, listen Japanese music and write.

· You like to write. Do you have a special style?
Well, since I was in 7th grade I started to think about a tail, but I wasn’t until this year that I started to write it. It’s called: “Soul spell”, it’s kind of “The Lord of the rings”, but with a different point of view. There are 12 chapters and I’m in the 4th one. In some more time, you would read it.

· What’s the thing you like the most?
Pizza, hamburger, and of course I love all Mexican food tacos, memelas and “kekas” (except for “chiles en nogada”).

· What’s the thing you are afraid of?
I am afraid of loosing a special person for me, such my parents or siblings. There is another thing I do not want: To finish my career and don’t find work.

· What do you think about the career during these months?
I would say is a few difficult. I do not understand to much Dr. Méndez class, I prefer it in english.

· Have you been amazed for a Nanotechnological advance?
Yes. The smart materials. There is a glass sphere which melts in the atmosphere and cloth.

· I know you aren’t out of your house, but what would you miss?
My room and family.

· Books of interest?
Harry Potter and Engines of Creation, from Drexler (I just read a part of it).

· Which are your goals?
Learn japanese, visit Japan, play harp and flute, and finish my book.

· Do you have a message for the rest of the class?
Yes. We will be together for a long time and we will be almost brothers. Let’s have good relationships between us.

· Do you have something you want to share with us?
Well, my e-mail and phone number. I would like to get closer to you.
My phone: 2229547886. At my house: 2280230. My e-mail is: hikari_maynez@hotmail.com

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JiToMaYnEz! dijo...

sali super gacho!!! T_T

vamos vamos, comenten! jajaja

NanoBlogger dijo...

Creo que este estilo de entrevista y la información que aquí veremos, será de gran interés para conocernos más y conocer los "oscuros" motivos que nos trajeron aquí.

manolo dijo...

concuerdo con que la informacion es relevante pero se me hace ilogico que lo posteen en ingles que bueno que hables mucho ingles y que leas en ingles pero que flojera tengo bastantes cosas que leer en ingles como para leer la opinion de alguien que habla español y puede redactar en español lo entenderia si fuera un extranjero o incluso si en el blog existiera alguien que no hable el español pero aunque la idea es buena y no por quitarle seriedad pero es creo q todos hablamos bastante ingles y aun existiendo palabras o frases que no entendemos, y siendo el blog un valvula de espape para muchos considero desde mi muy humilde punto de vista que si alguien ve el texto de en ingles no creo que lo lea, o por lo menos no con las mismas expectativas y/o deseo

Roberto dijo...

Buena entrevista

Roberto dijo...

Buena entrevista