miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2007

The beauty of the nanotechnology

While questions about the healt impact of nanotechnology are certainly broader than the cosmetic industy, their usage in cosmetics and personal care products represents a source of concerns to investors since cosmetics companies are already deploying nanotechnology in various aplications. Examples of new nanotechnology aplications in personal care products include:
  • Penetration enhancer, encapsuling or suspending key ingredients in so-called nanospheres or nanoemulsions, increase teir penetration into the skin:

  • L'OREAL (which ranks in number 6 in nanotechnology patentholder in U.S.) has used polymer nanocapsules to deliver active ingrdients. eg. retinol or Vitamin A, into the deeper layers of the skin. in 1998 the company unveiled Plentitude Revitalif, an anti-wrinklecream using nanoparticles.

There are so many other cosmetic and dermatoligic companies that are using nanotechnology in ther products. Since 2005 companies as MARY KAY, CLINIQUE, NEUTROGENA, JOHNSON & JOHNSON, AVON and ESTEE LAUDER are using it, and the number is increasing even more.



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