miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2007

Novel Odor Control Solution

Pongo este artículo porque cuando hicimos la actividad de los 10 inventos pensé en esto, pero no lo mencioné porque no creí que fuera importante, en fin.

Novel Odor Control Solution – TiPE Nano Photocatalyst

Odor and bad smell control system
Daily odor control coat and application
Deodorizing function textile and material

TiPE nano photocatalyst is a novel deodorizing technology. There are two traditional odor control methods. One is to use some more strong smell to cover the odor, such as perfume. The other is to use physical method to absorb the odor and remove it temporarily. However, the TiPE nano coat can effectively decompose the smelling materials and gases to produce water and carbon dioxide. Photocatalyst itself is a safe chemical substance with no extra pollution. It reacts as catalyst in the reaction so that its performance maintains longtime. As photocatalyst is effective to most odors, it can be widely used from daily life to industry processing to eliminate kinds of odor.
TiPE manufactures varieties kinds of nano coat products, which can be applied in different environments and places especially textile, to meet the needs of daily life and industry processing.  

Environmental-friendly, no extra pollution
Easy to apply in most site and diversified surfaces
Decompose the odor molecular, different to perfume
Catalytic action mode, longtime performance
Not only effect to odor, but also purify the harmful gas, keep the environment safety to human (Please refer to the Application Manual for air purification for details.)
Anti-bacterial (Please refer to the Application Manual for Sterilization for details.)

Easy and effective home deodorizing application
High efficiency and longtime effect for the organic odor removal from garbage & pets in daily life
High effective garbage recycle centre, pump room odor control system set up
Reduce the cost of odor removal and anti-bacterial at public place, school, hospital and toilet
Industrial condition odor control system such as leather, biotech, plastic factory
Seal and self cycle condition odor control system, such as semiconductor manufacture factory
Easy to apply on diversified surface, wide application field
For advanced deodorizing function material manufacture, such as the removal of sweat odor on T-shirts and so on.


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