miércoles, 30 de abril de 2008

detectores de toxinas

este es un articulo algo corto, pero pues, se los dejo para que lo lean

tiene una buena idea este articulo, ya que las toxinas usualmente tienen la facilidad de entrar a nuestro organismo, pero pues, no se sabe sin estudios la cantidad de toxinas que existen en el cuerpo. asi que esta es una buena idea para la gente que esta expuesta a toxinas... o al alcohol y al cigarro, no ??

NanoDynamics subsidiary ND Life Sciences announced its receipt of a two-year $350,000 Phase II SBIR contract from the National Institute of Environmental Health Services (NIEHS). The contract, which runs through August 2008, is funding a continued joint initiative with Pittsburgh-based ICx Agentase in the optimization and scale-up of an air monitor system to detect trace-level toxins.

“We are working toward a compact and affordable unit that can operate hands-free for extended periods of time without maintenance,” said Dr. Alan Rae, vice president of NanoDynamics’ strategic business unit ND Innovations.

“Under this continued funding, we are able to employ a strong collective expertise in process intensification and enzyme-embedded polymer chemical detection technologies to develop a device with extraordinarily low detection levels and immunity against false alarms,” said Keith LeJeune, CEO of ICx Agentase.

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